Sports Event Management

Save time, manage venues & sporting events with ATS online sports event management


Manage your event from start to finish and create streamlined transparency and communication across your entire event business.

Conference and raffle

Set up, manage and process registrations for conferences of all kinds made easy.


Online registration for any sport event, exhibition, conference and raffle

All you need is a web browser and a user account and you can manage your events.

Manage your event from your computer, tablet or phone from anywhere, anytime.


Sport event,

Save time, manage venues & sporting events with online sports event management


Manage your event from start to finish and streamline  communication across your entire event

Conference and raffle

Management and processing of registrations for confereces of all kinds is seamless and easy.

Complete electronic event guide no more print bills. Full backed management so you can manage all the details.

Flexible pricing based on the size, number of attendees, duration and recurring events.

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ATS online event registration


Plan with simplicity


Increase attendance

Ensure your success

Our event management software is designed  to help meeting and event planners more easily navigate every aspect of the event process. 

◦ Dynamic online event registration
◦ Secure event payment processing
◦ OnArrival: onsite check-in mobile app
◦ Comprehensive contact profile records
Increase attendance and engagement by using ATS event management software to create multifaceted marketing campaigns surrounding your events.

◦ Targeted event email marketing
◦ Flexible event websites
◦ SocialWall: live social media display
◦ Mobile-friendly websites & registration
Create organization-wide event success with powerful reporting, strategic integrations, and award-winning, 24/7 customer service.

◦ Robust event reporting
◦ Advanced event budget  
◦ Unrivaled support & training
◦ Powerful integrations



Event Management


Online registration for any event

This means you can manage your event from your computer, tablet or phone from anywhere, anytime individual


Online Payment Gateway

Collecting payments has been made easy with this tool. 



Online Store

Online shopping and merchandising facilities made easy. 



Room venue bookings

Manage all your appointments anytime anywhere!



Checkin Registrants using QRCode.

Mobile check-in at the event venue. 



Lecturer and staff allocation

Allow staff and lecturer to be allocated online, work similar to booking system. 




Manage your sports leagues online with ease.        



On-site registration solutions.

We also offer a complete On-site registration solutions for any event, exhibition, conference or function providing all registration equipment, computers, printers, scanners and cameras, we produce reports, room, seat and venue allocations, attendance lists, accreditation cards with booking details, lanyards, pouches, PVC cards and label printing. Payment and credit card collection of registration fees.